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About a Path to Pregnancy

Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatu my dear Sister and Welcome all


I would first like to state that I am not a doctor but a sister with a keen interest in fertility and basal temperature charting in particular.

We offer confidential advice on natural methods of conception and recommend natural supplements to assist that insha Allah.


A Path to Pregnancy started as a fertility organisation aimed at helping women conceive and has grown to cover a range of Female related subjects including Fertility problems, Menstruation, Contraception, Menopause, Miscarriage, Teenage issues and more all from an Islamic Perspective.


Please take a look into the different categories and get to #KnowYourBody!

As a Path to Pregnancy grows I hope to include a permanent team of doctors, gynaecologists and fertility specialists as well as Islamic scholars inshaAllah.


Our aim is to help sisters learn about their unique menstrual cycle so they can pinpoint the best time to conceive naturally, address infertility issues and allieviate fertility problems inshaaAllah.

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Trying to conceive after a miscarriage

Trying to conceive after stopping contraceptions

Short and long cycles



Cervical Fluid (female discharge)

Breastfeeding and trying to conceive


Weight management



Hormone imbalance




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