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The reason I joined path to pregnancy was due to having PCOS and no treatment prescribed by doctors except the pill, which made me ill. Following 2 miscarriages, I decided it was time to treat PCOS holistically and I don't wish to go through that trauma again. SubhanAllah it was Allah swt way of saying you can conceive but get your health on track! I was following path to pregnancy for a while and liked the holistic approach she used. I kept debating whether to start the fertility charting and did eventually. The first call with Saburah was very detailed and very informative. She was very supportive from the very start and assured she would help to the best of her ability. She prescribed some diet changes along with supplements. I used the cleansing Pearl's, fertility smart, DIM and organic greens. All this combined with hijama, mizan therapy, castor packs and exercise has helped balance my hormones. I now have a more balanced temperature chart and my cycle has gone from 3months to 30days. I will definitely continue with the programme and still have weight to lose, but I feel more healthy and energetic. Jazakhallah khair for being my support line and answering all my queries. I would highly recommend to any woman with reproductive issues to get your health back on track!

After following a path to pregnancy for a while, I decide to contact Saburah as I have PCOS and diabetes. I wanted to be in the best of health to conceive after 2 miscarriages. Saburah was very approachable and went through a detailed consultation to start me on the fertility charting. This really helped to undrstand my cycles. I also took supplements from her such as DIM, Maca, liver cleanse and conceive. I followed the lifestyle changes she recommended along with yoni steaming, hijama, mizan and castor oil pack. 


Saburah was my lifeline in helping me to conceive naturally and maintaining my pregnancy. At each stage she offered customised advice to help me through. I thank Allah swt for allowing our paths to meet as she truly did help me on my journey to pregnancy. Alhumdulillah I have a healthy baby boy who is soon to be one In Shaa Allah! 


Saburah has a genuine intention to help others and that comes across in her guidance and care. More than anything she has that big sister approach and I still come back to her for advice and support. I genuinely pray from the bottom of my heart that Allah swt blesses you and your family with goodness in this life and the next. Ameen ya rabeel allameen