Fertility Cleanse

Cleansing has been around for thousands of years and used by the Chinese, Egyptians and Native Americans. Cleansing has been used as a natural way to keep the body healthy and may be one of the most beneficial things to do before you get pregnant.

Fertility Cleansing* is a way to support the body in preparation for conception by cleansing the uterus and liver. A fertility cleanse encourages the liver to cleanse the body of excess hormones and toxins. It also supports the uterus to cleanse itself of old stagnant blood and increases circulation to the uterus while toning the endometrium.

Why Fertility Cleanse?

Years of accumulating toxins from chemicals in the air, earth, water and from substances we consume daily or put on our skin can over burden the body. Many of these toxins get stored in the fat tissues of the body but can be broken down and released quicker through cleansing.


Some of these toxins may have come from:

Poor Diet

Alcohol Consumption

Hormonal Birth Control
Excess Hormones
Recreational Drugs

Prescription Drugs

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Cleansing for fertility is not like a regular cleanse or detox, it is specifically aimed at cleansing and nourishing the Liver, the Reproductive Organs and the Endocrine system. A holistic approach to fertility cleansing covers 3 key areas; the liver, the uterus and the endocrine system.

Liver Health

The liver helps to filter toxins from the body including excess hormones. If there is an over abundance of estrogen it is the liver’s job to remove it from the system. Sometimes, due to poor diet, lifestyle or general health, the liver may need some stimulation and support to get rid of these substances. By using whole herbs to support the liver you are helping your body to better cope with our industrial world and the impact it could be having on your reproductive health. I will cover these herbs below.

Liver Cleansing Herbs

Burdock Root: Burdock root helps to stimulate digestion, as well as nourish and cleanse the liver, all of which aid hormonal balance.

Milk Thistle Seed: Milk Thistle Seed is one of the best plants for liver health. Liver health is vital for hormonal balance. The liver helps to filter toxins from the body, including excess hormones.

Dandelion Root: Dandelion leaves and roots are very nutritious and bitter, making this common weed a nourishing food and digestive aid. The root specifically supports liver health to help encourage hormonal balance.

Yellow Dock Root: This herb stimulates bile production for healthy removal of toxins, is supportive of liver health and aids in iron absorption.

Liquorice Root: Licorice is an adaptogen herb, supporting the endocrine system for overall hormonal support.

Ginger Root: Ginger increases circulation in the body helping to support a healthy inflammation response and normal detoxification.

Uterine Health

Uterine health is very important for reproductive health. Every cycle the uterus is supposed to release the lining that was built that month for the embryo to implant. In some cases the uterus is not completely cleansed every cycle, so old stagnant blood remains. As you can imagine, this is not the best environment to house a new embryo.

What causes the uterus to not fully release its contents every month? Some factors may be…

Low circulation
Hormonal imbalance
Unhealthy diet
Misplaced uterus

Uterine Cleansing & Toning Herbs

Goldenseal Root: Goldenseal root supports a normal inflammation response which may help to prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation. It is also cleansing, antibiotic, and antimicrobial, helping the body to fight infection and occasional uterine discomfort.

Damiana Leaf: A female aphrodisiac, Damiana has been used for centuries to help increase circulation to the reproductive system as well as increase libido.

Dong Quai Root: Dong Quai increases circulation to the reproductive organs and is iron rich, two important aspects of building a healthy uterine lining. It is also relaxing to the uterine muscles, helping the uterus to function without tension.

Peony Root: Overall this herb has excellent hormone balancing support. It also aids in pain reduction and relaxation. Peony encourages proper circulation in the pelvic area, making it useful for uterine stagnation.

Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry leaf works to tone the uterine muscles and normalize blood flow during menses. This is one of the best normalizing herbs for the female reproductive organs.

Increasing Circulation to the Uterus

In order for the uterus to function at its best, it requires proper circulation. With proper circulation, the communication loop between the uterus and ovaries, with the rest of the endocrine system, is able to function smoothly.
This is necessary for proper hormonal balance and all of the functions dependent on it such as ovulation, menstruation, and hormone production.

L-Arginine and Co Enzyme Q10 may be beneficial in helping increase blood circulation to the uterus, as well as exercise and massage.

Fertility Massage, Hijama, Caster Oil packs and regular cardio and lower body workouts can also help increase blood circulation to the Uterus inshaAllah.