10 Things to Know about Infertility

10 things you should know if you suffer from infertility

1. You are not alone.

10% of women in the United States struggle with some form of infertility to the point that it is becoming an epidemic.

2. It is not your fault.

Many women struggling with infertility, feel as if their difficulty conceiving is a failure they have caused in some way or could have prevented.

3. (Most) Insurance Doesn't Cover (Most) Infertility Treatment and it Costs A LOT

Medications can cost thousands of dollars and one IVF cycle averages $12,000.

In the UK NHS IVF treatment has limitations and the process can take years because of long referral times. Private IVF in the UK costs around £5000.

4. Infertility Pushes You To Extremes

Couples mortgage their homes, take on huge credit card debts and personal loans, crowdfund, seek out discounts and find grants and programs to help defer the costs of infertility treatments. They subject themselves to invasive treatments, like injecting themselves with two-inch needles or taking pills that cause havoc on their emotions. Intercourse often becomes a chore or duty during treatment and trying to conceive.

5. Infertility Treatments Don't Always Work

The actual success rate for one cycle of IVF is less than 30%! The fact is that majority of women undergoing any infertility treatment in a given month will not get pregnant.

6. There are MANY forms of infertility

You may have secondary or tubal factor infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, low ovarian reserve, uterine issues or more. A number of women have unexplained infertility or many different factors. On top of all this there is male-factor infertility, with issues of sperm count and motility being a major issue in many efforts to get pregnant. Infertility comes in all shapes and forms.

7. Infertility can Make or Break A Relationship

Blaming each other, getting obsessed with treatment, ending up in huge treatment-related debt -- these are all ways marriages fall apart in the face of infertility. The desire to have a child is a major reason people get married in the first place so to not be able to fulfill it is a huge blow to many relationships.

8. People Won't Understand

Many people are uneducated about infertility, misguided comments people make about the attempt to have a child, from "just relax" or "it will happen when it is supposed to happen." The fact is, too many couples don't seek treatment early enough because of those misnomers. The intensity of the desire to have a child isn't understood by all, especially those who the gift of a child came so easily.

9. Infertility Is Not 'Curable' Through Infertility Treatment

Even after having a child through infertility treatments you may still suffer from infertility if the cause is not fixed. The same shame and anxiety about not being able to have a child still exists for many women. In addition, with secondary infertility so common, being able to have one child doesn't mean you won't have infertility afterwords unless the root cause can be fixed.

10. Infertility IS Survivable

Whether you eventually conceive, choose to adopt or foster, or find another way to share your love and time, you can get through infertility inshaAllah. You can't always cure the problem that's causing the infertility, but you can learn to live with it.

No one has to suffer in silence with infertility so please contact us at apathtopregnancy@hotmail.com for advice or support.

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