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Cleansing Pearls

These small Pearls are made from natural herbs such as Mother Wart and Dong Quai (Angelica).


Cleansing Pearls help to:

Remove scar tissue and Fallopian Tube blockages

Remove Endometriosis tissue

Increase moisture balance (which is perfect for women who suffer from vaginal dryness e.g Post-Menopause)

Eliminate Yeast, BV and Odor

Tighten the Womb from multiple child births


Deep Cleanse by using 3 pearls altogether, 3 days after your period has finished.


Repeat each month as recommended for your specific health issue.


Number of Deep Cleanses you may need:

General Cleanse 1x


Endometriosis 3-5x

Thrush/B.V 1-3x

Fibroids 10-16x (expect cramping)

UTI 2x

Heavy Periods 3x

Vaginal odour 3x

Vaginal dryness 2x

Polyps 3-5x


Those with IUDs should use 1 pearl at a time.


We recommend drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, smoking and alcohol while doing any type of detox.


These small cleansing pearls should be inserted high in to the vagina as close to the cervix as possible and left there for 72 hours. After 72 hours you gently pull the string and the pearl(s) will come out easily inshaaAllah. You should wear a pantyliner for the next 3 days and expect discharge as your body rids itself of old tissue and waste. During this 6 day cleanse (3 days with the pearl in & 3 days discharge) please increase your water intake and avoid sexual intercourse. If you feel any discomfort on the outside of your vagina during the 6 day cleanse please use the complementary Aloe Gelly provided.



Pull the string at the base of the pearl and insert high (7cm+) in to the vagina, you can use the aloe vera gelly or organic coconut oil as a lubricant if needed.

If you are using more than 1 pearl then hold the end of each string together (with the pearls hanging down) and twist until they become one string. This will make it easy for the pearls to be removed in one go.

You can use the toilet and shower as normal. Becareful not to pull on the string.



Not suitable while menstruating or pregnant.


EXPIRERY: 09/2025


Speak to an adviser for a personalised cleansing plan -

Cleansing Pearls