Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and want to know how to regulate your menstrual cycle, lose weight and reduce excess facial hair?

Have you been told you have PCO (polycystic ovaries) but not PCOS and you don’t understand what that means?

Maybe a cyst has been spotted on your ovary and you don’t what that means, you may not have been told whether it’s a functional cyst or pathological and are now worrying that it’s affecting your ability to conceive or whether it may lead to cancer.

In this book I break down the different types of PCOS (yep there’s more than one), I clearly explain the difference between PCOS, PCO & an Ovarian Cysts and finish with 8 steps you can take to treat all 3 inshaAllah.

Implementing these steps slowly will help you stick to them and make your journey easier.

Try to focus on one step a week, this would work perfectly alongside the PCOS Reversal Plan too.



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