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Tightening Sticks naturally tighten the vagina temporarily (for 3-4 days) and can help detoxify, eliminate odour and bad bacteria, they have anti inflammatory properties and help stimulate blood circulation.



  • Wash hands and open foil packet.
  • Insert tightening stick into the vagina and twist for 30-60 seconds (For first time use, test for 15 seconds and wait 30 minutes and check results. If not tight enough continue as normal).
  • The tightening stick's results will appear within half an hour (a warm sensation is normal).
  • Wash the stick with plain water, pat dry with a clean towel and store in pouch provide.
  • The tightening stick can be used every 4 days to get firm and lasting effects.
  • Do not use while menstruating or during pregnancy.
  • Do not use if you have a vaginal infection, disease or pain.
  • Do not use daily because it will dry the vagina.
  • Do not use a tampon or menstrual cup while using the tightening stick.
  • Doing kegels while using the tightening stick will increase your results.
  • The tightening stick's effects will eventually decrease if you discontinue its use.


Lubricant may be required before sexual intercourse.


All Tightening Sticks come with instructions and a storage pouch.


Tightening Sticks

  • Pearl stratum powder, Borneol, Alum & Curcuma.

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