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Fertility Charting Classes


Learn to read your body and become an expert in You! Natural Family Planning works by observing and recording your body's different natural signs or fertility indicators on each day of your menstrual cycle. You can then use this information to help with trying to conceive or as a contraception. What will be covered? - The Menstrual Cycle - The Three Phases of the Menstrual Cycle - Primary Fertility Sign: Cervical Mucus - Primary Fertility Sign: Basal Body Temperature - How to Fill Out a Chart - Secondary Fertility Signs - The Fertile Window - Sexual Intercourse Frequency - Personal Lubricants - The Sperms Journey to the Egg - Fertilisation and Implantation - How to Identify a Potential Pregnancy on Your Chart - The 2 Week Wait - Do’s & Don’ts - How to Take a Home Pregnancy Test - App Predictions The Fertility Charting Classes are less than 20 minutes long and designed to help those Trying To Conceive, with a total of 7 classes inshaAllah.

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