"I'm pregnant! I never thought I'd be able to say that. I suffer from PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome which is basically an severe imbalance in hormones. It means I don't ovulate regularly and am prone to cysts on my ovaries. I've been told that conceiving naturally is next to impossible. Before starting with Conceive tablets it was normal for me not to have a period for months at a time. I'm fortunate because I do sometimes ovulate – some women with PCOS never ovulate. Because of this I thought it might be worth trying the Conceive supplement to see if I could balance my hormones this way before going on fertility treatment. It worked. Blood tests showed my hormone balance was almost normal and my periods became more regular. Six months later I got a positive on a pregnancy test. It's still early days but I'm hoping for the best." T*


"My name is O* and I have teratozoospermia. My sperm count is normal but most of them are abnormal shapes. My wife and I had been trying for a long time to have a baby without any luck. We were both in our forties when we started trying and, being a guy, I assumed the problem was with her. I was pretty upset when I found out it was me. My wife put me on a diet (I was about 50 lbs overweight). She also insisted I take some supplements, like zinc and folic acid. That helped a little but it was only after starting on the Conceive for Men pills that things really changed for the better. I'll never have super sperm but at least the little guys now have what it takes. We are expecting a baby in two months time. It's a boy :) My wife made me write this."


"I'm delighted to tell you that after 6 years, as many IUI's, two rounds of IVF and god knows how many £'s wasted on pointless tests, acupuncture treatments, spiritual cleansing and who know what else, we are finally pregnant the old fashioned way thanks to your supplements. We really had tried everything and were on the point of giving up. Thank goodness we found Conceive supplements before we did." S*


“Thank you so much. After taking the pills for 1 mth. I notice alot of difference in my Sperm. And exactly after 1 mth. My wife got pregnant. Thank You again with the will of God.” A*


“Alhamdulillah it worked I have good news I’m pregnant... we timed intercourse well according to my cycle just how you told me to. I was taking (L-Arginine) for a while but wasn’t as consistent as I should have been but my husband was taking the maca every morning so I would recommend that to others in sha Allah.”


"Alhamdulillah I have been well and the plan has been working well. I have had 3 cycles now alhamdulillah at around the same time each month which has been great. The bleeding is not much and doesn't last longer than 4 days but hopefully this will improve."


“I'm enjoying the benefits of the royal jelly my complexion is pretty and my skin is clear.”


“Jazakallah khayr sis, don’t think it would have happened if you hadn’t shown me how to track my fertile days so may Allah reward you in this life and with Jannah ameen xx”


"Wsalamz jazakallah so much for ur help i will continue sending my temp to u for the next few days in Shaa Allah u have really helped me and even if I haven't conceived this month I will always appreciate ur advice. I learnt so many new things and now know exactly how my cycle works. May Allah reward u for this xxx"


"Asalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
I have been married for 8 months and had been trying to conceive without any luck and it wasn't about a month or two ago that I found out about "A path to pregnancy" online.
This amazing non profit organisation is dedicated to helping women conceive by offering one to one free fertility advice & teaching the sisters how to chart so they could understand their cycles better and spot their most fertile days.
In March (2014) I emailed "A path to pregnancy" to get more fertility information and tips to increase my chances of conception & so I started emailing the sister my waking body temp throughout the month & through this I learnt that I ovulate a little bit later than what I had originally thought. She reassured me that it was just a matter of timing and that I had nothing to worry about & constantly made dua for me.
*(May Allah grant her & her loved ones Jannah Ameen)
Seeing as it was the first month I didn't expect anything, I was just happy to know more about my cycle and fertile days so that I could be prepared for the next month but I realised I was 5 days late on my period & by the grace of Allah I found out I was pregnant! I still cannot believe this and I am so thankful to Allah and the duas made for me by my beautiful sister in Islam. 
This is my experience with "A path to pregnancy" & I hope the one to one advice can help many more sisters who are trying to conceive in shaa Allah."


"Alhamdulillah fertility charting was very beneficial for me! It was a very easy process and very simple to understand alhamdulillah. I definitely learnt more about my hormones and my menstrual cycle. I can tell when I am possibly ovulating and I understand my body a lot better now! I would recommend fertility charting for anyone who is trying to conceive and even those who are avoiding getting pregnant, you can do fertility charting to avoid the ovulation window and getting pregnant. Alhamdulillah I have noticed a good change in my menstrual cycle as alhamdulillah they are much much more regular!! Alhamdulillah. There isn't such a long gap anymore between my cycles! I have been lacking with my health, but once I am back on top I know insha'Allah I can get my cycles regular, better health and eventually in a healthy pregnancy insha'Allah."



“Assalamu alaikum sis, Ramadhan Mubarak, sis I have had my period but there is no pain. Your tablets have worked!”


“I was stressed and quite upset for trying for a baby for over a year, with no luck. I tried all sorts of vitamins and minerals to help my fertility, again with no luck. My husband was also feeling the tension and we just wanted an easy route, regular trips to the doctors with no luck again and again. I was recommended to try Maca supplements, and if this wouldn’t work then the Cleanse and drinking the Aloe Vera. She was very assuring and gave me the full support I needed. I started taking the tablets soon as I received them, maintained a healthy diet and exercise. In between however I started my periods and was distraught thinking this was my last hope and now I’m on my period! It was explained to me that it actually is helping me ovulate and therefore periods coming will be normal and in fact a good sign! I was so confused and just wanted quick results! However, I continued taking them, and even gave two to my husband :) He isn’t a tablet person so I had to convince him this was for our own good!
Now few more day’s down the line, I notice a huge difference to my hair, becoming thick shiny and so healthy! With being stressed my hair was thinning and didn’t look so healthy and taking Maca also grew my hair back!! I know this is getting long, but I want you guys to read it in detail! I then ordered some more tablets for my aunt who suffers with hair thinning and it works for her too :D
My life has changed and now I am pregnant!! Yes people, I am pregnant and I can’t thank God enough! :)
Kind Regards,
N* xxxx "


"I have had serious problems with PMS and periods generally since I was 16. A week of feeling very bloated, along with lethargy and a general heaviness, followed by excruciating pain, vomiting and often fainting, resulting in being taken off by ambulance on more than one occasion. Over the years I have continued to have this feeling for up to 10 days before hand. I resorted to painkillers for 3 – 4 days in every month for 14 years. Having children made a real difference as it all stopped, but slowly as the children became older it got worse again, and by the time the children were 3, I was yet again feeling dreadful for 10 days before hand, although the pain wasn’t so bad.
I started drinking Aloe Vera for my aching joints and Royal Jelly for the PMS. Things improved a bit, and then I tried the Maca, after a couple of months I found that I didn’t even notice it coming! What a difference, instead of dreading 2 weeks in every month, I now feel fantastic all month and am bouncing with energy. Initially I took the Maca twice a day every day, now I just take one a day for about a week before hand and that seems to be enough."

"Earlier last year I began to wonder why I was wearing T shirts, when the children had 3 jumpers on. I couldn't understand why they were so cold, it took some time to realise it wasn’t them, it was me and I had started those dreaded hot flushes. I am now taking maca every day, and it has calmed it right down. Life has returned to normal again!!"


"Hope you are well,

Am so grateful to you that you told me about maca powder. Am so much better and i dont feel low bp (low blood pressure symptoms) I can easily get up early for tshjat alhamdolillah I feel less cold now JazakAllah so much for that.

May Allah increase your knowledge more n more n may Allah give you tofeeq to help others ameen. X"


“Great the very first I passed my fibroids and the next menses I had slight cramping I also got rid of the foul odor I was experiencing and I shed a lot of old dead tissue and skin.”
(UPDATE) “Well it seems I've passed the last fibroid I am so pleased with the rejuvenating qualities your product has gifted to my body Thank you”


“Delicious and mixes well with water, highly recommend”


“Salaam sister. Hope you’re well. I have some great news! I’m pregnant Alhamdulillah!!! I took my test and it confirmed that I am.
Thank you for advising me what to do as it helped me get pregnant. Please let me know any advice, tips you can give in this early stage. Eg dos and donuts and what to eat and not eat etc. I’m so happy and excited!!! I’m around six weeks.”


"Assalaam alaikum sis 


The reason I joined path to pregnancy was due to having PCOS and no treatment prescribed by doctors except the pill, which made me ill. Following 2 miscarriages, I decided it was time to treat PCOS holistically and I don't wish to go through that trauma again. SubhanAllah it was Allah swt way of saying you can conceive but get your health on track! I was following path to pregnancy for a while and liked the holistic approach she used. I kept debating whether to start the fertility charting and did eventually. The first call with Saburah was very detailed and very informative. She was very supportive from the very start and assured she would help to the best of her ability. She prescribed some diet changes along with supplements. I used the cleansing Pearl's, fertility smart, DIM and organic greens. All this combined with hijama, mizan therapy, castor packs and exercise has helped balance my hormones. I now have a more balanced temperature chart and my cycle has gone from 3months to 30days. I will definitely continue with the programme and still have weight to lose, but I feel more healthy and energetic. Jazakhallah khair for being my support line and answering all my queries. I would highly recommend to any woman with reproductive issues to get your health back on track!"




Attending the fertility course was a wonderful experience,  as I was able to gain so much of an insight into the subject especially from an Islamic perspective. 

Very useful. Jzk Khair



Asalamualaikum sister hope you are well .. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending your very informative classes on fertility ! Learnt so much thanks to you.. so much I did not know didn’t have knowledge but you taught us so well !step by step all the information you gave was 100% ..may  Allah swt reward you for this ..❤


Wsalaam im ok Alhumdulilah.. hope your well... it was a pleasure meeting u and i gained a lot of knowledge.. I surely would leave some feedback inshaAllah x

1 question please about the maca I've got 3 months worth do I take them for full 3 month's without any gaps in between? Xx



I really enjoyed the health sessions with Saburah, they increased my knowledge and have benefitted me in so many ways. 


My blood pressure has improved, I have a lot more energy and do not get exhausted by doing simple housework like I used to. 


My mood has improved and stress levels have gone down. I have only been talking Maca powder tablets for fours weeks and I'm very pleased with the results.  


The things l have learnt about healthy eating, I am using them to help my mum and my family.

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