Asalamualaikum sister hope you are well .. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending your very informative classes on fertility ! Learnt so much thanks to you.. so much I did not know didn’t have knowledge but you taught us so well !step by step all the information you gave was 100% ..may  Allah swt reward you for this ..❤

My journey with A Path To Pregnancy started with a telephone consultation with the beautifully spoken sister Saburah who put me at ease straight away. She asked in detail about all my past history, children, deliveries, miscarriages, medical conditions, current medical health and tests which had been carried out. She also asked about my husbands medical history. After this consultation she advised me on which route was best suitable for my situation. 


After speaking to her I had good faith that she was able to help me on my journey to having a successful pregnancy. I put my trust in her and here I am today, Alhamdulillah. 


I had 2 children, in 2006 and 2011 without any complications or fertility treatment. We decided to try for baby no3 and were faced with a 7 year uphill struggle. Within these 7 years, I had 7 losses (1 ectopic, 5 early losses and 1 loss at 20 weeks) with no explanation. I lost my tube in 2012 due to the ectopic pregnancy I had, which reduced my chances of conception and as the number of miscarriages increased I was finding it more and more difficult to conceive and then holding the pregnancy was my even bigger issue. 


As well as being under the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic and taking the prescribed medication from my consultant, I purchased and started to take the tablets sister Saburah advised. Money well spent! I also began to chart my cycle, taking my morning temperature and sending it her to allow her to make a chart. I used the ovulation strips for the first time in my life and Alhamdulillah with the Grace of Allah swt and the continued help, guidance and support of A Path To Pregnancy, I conceived in the first month without even trying! Sister Saburah was yet to tell me when to time intercourse but Alhamdulillah it just happen and Alhamdulillah it was a successful pregnancy that I got to full term with the ongoing support, after a hard and long emotional rollercoaster of a ride and a 7 year struggle and battle against all odds to have a healthy baby. Today Alhamdulillah, I hold my beautiful son in my arms. By Allahs will, my family is now complete. I cannot thank Allah swt enough for blessing me with a beautiful family. And also thanks to A Path To Pregnancy from the first phone call to this day, the beautiful sister Saburah supported me throughout my journey being a phone call/text away. Sister Saburah replied to my every query and concern and put me at ease at all times. In my most worrying time from conception to 20 weeks she was an absolute rock and then till the end of the pregnancy until my son was born. 


I would highly recommend A Path To Pregnancy for every woman out there who is struggling with fertility issues and I believe that Allah swt makes a way for us. My way was A Path To Pregnancy and it can be yours too Insh’Allah. 


To my beautiful sister Saburah who I have never met but you hold a special place in my heart, I would like to whole heartedly thank you for your guidance and support through this pregnancy. You have been absolutely amazing and I pray Allah swt blesses and protects you and your family, keeps you all well and healthy and unlimitedly happy!


Much love