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Why Fertility Charting is for you, me and all women

You may have heard of Fertility Charting, the fertility awareness method (FAM), natural family planning or the symptothermal method, besides many other names, which all basically teach you how to use your natural fertility signs to understand your menstrual cycle and use this information to aid conception or use as a contraception.

Fertility Charting is an amazing way to see if and when you are ovulating, what days you are most fertile and it can also be used as a diagnostic tool to check on your hormones and see if they are balanced.

I first learnt about cervical fluid (female discharge) and how to use it to know when I'm most fertile when I was trying to conceive baby number 2 back in 2008 and it worked first time!

I then learnt and started using the Fertility Charting method in 2010 when I wanted to try for baby number 3 and I conceived in my second menstrual cycle after a brief spell of infertility while breastfeeding.

I was amazed at what I learnt and how easy the fertility charting method was. Now I know how to workout when ovulation is happening, when I'm most fertile, if my progesterone levels are dropping and how my thyroid is doing. When I started to use this method to help other women conceive I noticed how to detect many more hormone imbalances, sihr (magic/Jinn affliction), early miscarriage, twin pregnancies and even ectopic pregnancies before a positive pregnancy test! Subhanallah so much knowledge of our own body lies in our body basal temperature (BBT).

So if you are trying to conceive and want to know more about your menstrual cycle and what your hormones are up to then learn this method. I have made a series of Classes on Fertility Charting to help you on your way as well as a Fertility Charting Starter Kit (here).

If you've tried charting and given up in the past I would urge you to reconsider and follow these classes. If you get stuck or confused by your chart I'm just a message away!




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